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Month of Coordination

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Wedding planning processes can last for more than a year – sometimes engagements are for several years – which means that it can be a lot to handle. Of course, the real crunch time, the period where everything begins to come together, is the final month. This period will be make or break for your wedding, it’ll define whether the occasion was a success or a disappointment – so it’s clearly a big deal. There are many things that you’ll need to take care of in that final month, and it can be a lot to manage, but with a month of coordination wedding planner service on your side, the process will be far more straightforward and stress-free. If you want to make things easier on yourself and ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch, this is just the service that you need in your corner.


What is a Month of Coordination Service?

Many people are familiar with wedding planners, and the kind of work they do, but are perhaps less familiar with month of coordination services. So, what exactly are these? In simple terms, it’s a service that assists you for the final month of preparation before the wedding takes place, usually with the management of last minute details and changes of plan. With you right down to the final hour, such a service can provide invaluable support in making sure everything goes well, and in protecting your sanity and mental health during such a stressful period!


The Perfect Accompaniment

Many couples are organized and headstrong enough to take on the general planning procedures that are associated with a wedding – the months and months of research various wedding vendors to find something suitable for every aspect of the big day – but have too much going on to handle the planning in the final month. That’s totally understandable, as coordinating a wedding day whilst you’re dealing with your day to day life, and mountains of questions from your family and friends, can be overwhelming. A month of coordination service is a great way of making sure these matters are taken care, even if you’ve done most of the planning on your own.


RSVP Management

One of the popular elements of our month of coordination service is the RSVP management that we provide. Some of the weddings that we help with have hundreds of guests, and keeping track of who can come and who can’t attend can be a daunting task on your own. Last minute changes aren’t particularly unusual, and this can be enormously stressful. Our management team will make sure that everything is taken care of in this regard.


Vendor Communication

A good reason to consider a month of coordination service is to make sure that each of your wedding vendors is ready to fulfil their contractual requirements. Partly, this means looking at their individual requirements, but it’s also about making certain that they’re going to work together in an effective and seamless manner – that’s the key to having a harmonious wedding day.

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